Our first mouse paper! Congratulations, Cesar! Quantification of gait parameters in freely walking rodents.

Now featured in Nature.



New paper!: Specification of Individual Adult Motor Neuron Morphologies in Drosophila by Combinatorial Transcription Factor Codes. Congratulations to the first author, Jon Enriquez!


New paper separating the contributions of DNA shape and DNA sequence recognition by Hox proteins: Deconvolving the recognition of DNA shape from sequence. Congratulations Namiko Abe!



Check out this new method for fast, volumetric imaging of whole, behaving animals from the Hillman lab: here and here




Pay attention to low affinity binding sites! new paper on Hox specificity is available online: Crocker et al.



How does a fly tweak its gait when walking upside down? see Mendes et al for answers!



Congratulations to Aurélie Jory, for becoming Director, Mouse Transgenic Facility, InStem, Bangalore India!



Congratulations to Namiko Abe for joining the New York Genome Center!




01/06/2014 New postdoc, Rebecca Delker, joins the lab.







09/05/2013 New Paper on gene regulation by Yorkie and Homothorax just published in PLoS Genetics. Slattery et al.





03/29/2013  New paper on the role of Hox genes in fly motoneuron development in press: Baek et al.


01/14/2013  Congratulations to Vikram Ranade, who successfully defended his thesis today. See also posts on our Facebook page.


01/08/2013  The lab’s first paper on fly walking is now published in eLife:




See for information about the FlyWalker software.



A single frame of a video processed by our Flywalker software, where each of the three legs in a tripod stance are automatically labelled. Click on the link below (“WT_fly_processed”) to see a live video:








12/04/2012  New baby!

Congratulations, Cesar!







11/30/2012  New papers:

A Survey of 6,300 Genomic Fragments for cis-Regulatory Activity in the Imaginal Discs of Drosophila melanogaster.

Jory A, Estella C, Giorgianni MW, Slattery M, Laverty TR, Rubin GM, Mann RS.

Cell Rep. 2012 Oct 25;2(4):1014-24.


Disentangling the many layers of eukaryotic transcriptional regulation.

Lelli KM, Slattery M, Mann RS.

Annu Rev Genet. 2012 Dec 15;46:43-68. doi: 10.1146/annurev-genet-110711-155437.


Control of mitochondrial structure and function by the Yorkie/YAP oncogenic pathway.

Nagaraj R, Gururaja-Rao S, Jones KT, Slattery M, Negre N, Braas D, Christofk H, White KP, Mann R, Banerjee U.

Genes Dev. 2012 Sep 15;26(18):2027-37.



09/14/2012 Suzie Tozier, from the Biological Sciences Department, joins the lab!





09/01/2012   The Fly Light Gal4 resource is now live:

               Fly Light represents the work of three labs: Gerry Rubin’s (generated all the lines and analyzed their patterns in adult CNS), Chris Doe’s (analyzed their patterns in the embryonic CNS) and our lab (analyzed the patterns in imaginal discs). Papers to be published soon!




07/05/2012 Another baby! Congratulations to Matt and Angie on the arrival of their daughter Edie!



07/02/2012 New postdoc, Siqian Feng, joins the lab. Siqian comes from the University of Maryland, where he worked on Drosophila polyhomeotic in Jian Wang’s lab.




06/22/2012 Congratulations to Namiko and Ken, who welcomed their daughter Ayumi into the world today!




06/12/2012 New Website!




06/12/2012 Also like us on Facebook:





05/01/2012 Congratulations to Katie Lelli, who defended her thesis! Katie now starts a postdoc at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, in Danwei Huangfu’s lab.





04/15/2012 Check out our newest paper in Cell Reports:

PDF: PIIS2211124712000745


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